fashion, in my opinion

Hello, I’m an Intern.

As of february 1st, I am an official intern for, a new online community for fashion enthusiasts that is currently in it’s beta stage. It has a twitter feel, but instead of tweets, photos of street style and fashion inspiration are uploaded by people around the world. I think it’s a ingenious way of instantly sharing fashion and will soon be an integral tool for those working in the industry.

Here are a few articles about the website:



My duties as an intern involve spotting fashion, style, trends, and whatever inspires me around the University of Delaware or wherever I may go during the spring semester.  Ultimately, I will be helping test and create content for the official website and promoting the company any way I can.

During the first week, because the semester hadn’t started yet, I decided to post some previously taken photos of myself. Two were of me modeling for my friend Max Stevens and the rest were pictures of a few of my favorite coats.

I plan on blogging weekly about the progress of my internship and also want to include personal outfit and inspiration/new trend posts. I’ve always wanted to start my own fashion blog and this finally gave me the motivation I needed. Today is the first day of class and I hope I see some inspirational style around campus for my first “street” style threads. ¬†Tune in to see how things go.